The VYO – Ukrainian reggae

The starting point style of reggae in Ukraine can be considered the formation of the band The VYO in Kobeliaky, Poltava region in 1991. Core team made up guitarist Sergey Pidkaura and singer Miroslav Kuvaldin. Within 10 years of existence the band musicians occasionally diverged, converged, they were joined by other participants. In 1995, The VYO became the winner of the “Red rue” with rood song “Ganja.”
The peak popularity of their music came at the time of cooperation with artistic agency “Theretory A” and rotation of clips in the eponymous hit parade. Contemplating colorful appearance Miroslav, the audience could not believe that guy was born in eastern Ukraine and “speaks so well in our language ” old. Song Zori (“Each of us can something …”) became manifest Ukrainian rastafari.
… but in the year 2000 the band announced the termination of its existence. Sergei Pidkaura as author, co-operates with leading Ukrainian musicians, Miroslav Kuvaldin launches career on TV (channel M1) and recorded a solo album “Mirror of Peace” …
… and now after 8 -year break in order to satisfy the craving for nostalgic music experience, the musicians of the band The VYO decided to resume his activity

Today the band The VYO is:
Miroslav Kuvaldin – singing
Sergei Pidkaura – guitar
Ilya Klimov – keyboards, sequence
Sergei Chehodayev – bass
Olexander Unytskiy – sax
Denis Gritsenko – trumpet
Vasyl Solomyaniy – drums

РАДІЮ Я (I’m so happy)

You can listen to more music at sound cloud:

The Vyo Kobelyaky Кувалдін «ТНЕ ВЙО» Мирослав

The Vyo



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