Mrs. X He Plays Rock n Roll

You know he´s not a perfect match for girls, oh yeah yeah yeah, nervous breakdown is his life.
He didn´t come from money or from earls, oh yeah yeah yeah, but if he starts, it´s like a knife.
He´s spitting his contempt, his stubble s just unkempt
Don´t touch him if you ain´t intend ´n explosions to attempt,
But he plays rock-n-roll
Best of all.

He wasn´t schooled at Julliard oh yeah yeah yeah, crazy passion was his coach
He doesn´t care about bein´ hard oh yeah yeah yeah, but you might worry if he gehts close
He´s probably not that young but kills with brazen tongue
He doesn´t care that his best song will always stay unsung
Oh but he plays rock-n-roll
Best of all.

All these crazy guys who follow their dreams, walking through the life without any scemes
Like him who plays rock-n-roll baby baby baby best of all

And when the night is deep in and the sky is clear oh yeah yeah yeah his tragic figure at the bar
His empty pocket ´s just enough for beer oh yeah yeah yeah, it doesn´t matter he owns his guitar
His doomed soul flies from strings to paradise, and he will play even when he dies
And the morgue will also rise
Cause he plays rock-n-roll
Best of all

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