Minimmal is an alternative rock band formed in Quito-Ecuador

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Minimmal is an alternative rock band formed in Quito-Ecuador. Members since its formation are Juan Manuel Zapater (Composer, Drums, vocals) and Paul Brborich (Composer, Guitars and backing vocals). The band is known for fusing Rock with sounds spatial, spectral and electronic by using a concept of minimalist, their lyrics mingle the abstract with the concrete, the live band is characterized for being powerful and environmental. Minimmal start appearing with the compositions of instrumental and experimental result of the research and sensory experiences with music, this would lead to record their first EP called “eternal Day”, and then integrated into the band to Haeckel Rivadeneira (main Voice) to start the pre-production and recording of their first álbum.Su debut album is called “Minimmal1”, named so for mark, and represent the first phase of which course the band to be formed and to define his sound, The first single of this album “Under the light” had a great acceptance in local radio and regional by placing it on the tops of lists, and being one of the topics most requested for more than two meses.Su second Single “Desert” came out strongly in the radio and opened doors for the band has several live performances making yourself known more to the national level.Currently Minimmal is promoting his latest single “Alucíname” which opened wide its doors to international and was included in a compilation of the best of 2016 called “Salúdame the beard” of a record label Argentina “Argie Pop Records”, Alucíname to date is the topic most requested by the public in local radio stations and in some international.For the 2017 Minimmal plans to do a national tour, to launch his first music video, and prepare to produce their Next Album.


Minimmal es una banda de rock alternativo formada en Quito-Ecuador a principios del 2008. Los integrantes desde su formación son Juan Manuel Zapater (Compositor, Batería y coros) y Pablo Brborich (Compositor, Guitarras y coros). La banda es conocida por fusionar el Rock con sonidos espaciales, espectrales y electrónicos mediante un concepto minimalista, sus letras mezclan lo abstracto con lo concreto, la banda en vivo es caracterizada por ser poderosa y ambiental. Minimmal inicio presentándose con composiciones instrumentales y experimentales fruto de las investigaciones y experiencias sensoriales con la música, esto les llevaría a grabar su primer EP grabado entre finales del 2010 y principios del 2011 En Octubre del 2012 integran a la banda a Haeckel Rivadeneira (Voz principal) para iniciar la grabación de su primer álbum Minimmal
Hasta la fecha Minimmal a lanzado dos trabajos en estudio:
EP “Dia eterno” que contiene dos temas inéditos instrumentales grabados en el 2011
Y su primer álbum llamado Minimmal1 que contiene 13 temas inéditos.

Formación y primeros años (2008-2010)

Primer EP y Shows en vivo (2011-2012)

12 Septiembre 2013 lanzamiento Single (Bajo la luz)

(2013-2014) Grabación primer álbum Minimmal1

4 de Enero 2015 lanzamiento Single (Desierto)

3 de Julio 2015 lanzamiento Single (Soy yo)



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