One Man Rock Band™ Releases Hard Rock Anthem “TRUMP and Double Down.”

One Man Rock Band is an American hard rock band formed in Whittier California in 2010. It was founded by drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, Scott Gerling as a one-man project. Inspired by the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, UFO, and Foo Fighters. One Man Rock Band video showcases its own aggressive brand of hard rock music online. One Man Rock Band is on the Canadian-American Record label.

About the Song
~Los Angeles, California. Hard rocker Scott Gerling aka One Man Rock Band releases the controversial tune “TRUMP and Double Down” in support of Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America. The riff heavy song stays true to the Trump message, as it blasts through the power chords, solos, and ripping vocals. It has had a decidedly old school hard rock vibe. The song pounds a big beat, and adds plenty of stomp, to the raucous tune. The voice Gerling brings to the song is edgy, but melodic, culminating in the ONLY Hard Rock rebellion song in support of Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.

How the song came to life
An interview with Gerling reveals why he decided to write the song: “I was sick and tired of all of these rockers, and actors, saying such negative things about him [Trump]. To me, he represents the rebellion of the people against the media and the Establishment. There is nothing more Rock ’n Roll than that! Put me on blast, I’ll sing about it all day long. It’s the people uprising against the media’s constant trendy narrative of becoming socialist just like every other country. Fuck that! No way!”
He continued to say “Right now, we are being taken advantage of by our own stupid leaders who push these ‘socially correct’ ideas way too far. That’s why I gravitate toward Trump. I see him as a guy who is unafraid to challenge people or morals that are falsely empowered. He can be rough on people, but nine times out of ten, he is spot on. To me, supporting Trump feels like a rebellion and rebellion, is the heart of all Rock and Metal.” He concluded by saying “If bigger rock bands don’t have the balls to use Trump’s message as a platform to get the word out, then let me be the first! I’ll put mine on the line, and challenge any of these old sissy rockers like Eddie Vedder to tell me why we need another four years of this with Hillary or Bernie. It’s pathetic.”

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