Dark Power Rangers

WATCH: The short film Katee Sackhoff, James Van Der Beek Kick Ass in Dark Power Rangers Fan Film

In the short, Rocky has captured Kimberly, and is interrogating her, trying to figure out the location of Green Ranger Tommy who is apparently the only other Ranger still alive. The film features blood, bad language and a killer twist.

The short film, produced by Adi Shankar (an executive producer on Lone Survivorand A Walk Among The Tombstones) and Jil Hardin and co-written by Kahn, Dutch Southern and star James Van Der Beek, was posted on YouTube and Vimeo. Katee Sackhoff also stars. It as of now, it’s still up on YouTube and has jumped from 716,000 views to 1.4 million views in a matter of an hour. Vimeo took it down today after receiving a complaint from Saban Brands.

Go Power Rangers GO!

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