1956 Housewife on Acid: Veteran’s Hospital LSD 25 Testing

james stewart vertigo

1956 this unnamed American house wife took LSD at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Los Angeles. This woman’s husband was an employee at the hospital and referred her to this study that was supposedly done for a show about mental health issues.

Dr Cohen, seen sitting at a table and wearing a lounge suit – his legs crossed in the classic I’m-a-scientist pose – interviews the unidentified housewife, who is dressed in her best black frock.She tells the doctor: ‘My husband is an employee here at the VA and he said they were looking for normal people, so I volunteered.’
Dr Cohen asks: ‘How do you feel about coming here and drinking this strange material?’ She replies: ‘A little nervous, perhaps.’

In the unintentionally comical manner that seems to be the preserve of 1950s training films, the camera zooms in on an innocuous-looking glass of clear liquid on the table, as the good doctor says: ‘Well, I think it’s time for you to have your lycergic acid. Drink this down and we’ll be back after a while and see how you’re doing.’



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